Facebook groups as leads generator

Powerful and intuitive browser extension which turns your members into leads, just by accepting members requests. Build email campaign in just a few clicks!


Facebook groups becomes leads generator

Collect email addresses and additional information from Facebook group members, streamlining lead generation efforts for businesses and marketers.

Fully Automatic

By automating the serialization and extraction of member responses, admins can save time and effort.

Increasing email marketing lists

Businesses can expand their email marketing lists and reach out to potential customers with relevant information and offers.

Improving lead quality

By extracting additional information from member responses, admins can gain insights into their interests and preferences, which can help them tailor their marketing efforts to attract high-quality leads.

Step 1

Set members requests questions

Decide what kind of data you'd like to collect. Setting accurate questions will help in future funnel building process.

  • Email addresses
  • Multiple answers questions
  • Choice questions
Step 2

Start accepting members

Browser extension brings buttons with superpowers. Every time member is accepted, data is stored.

  • User name and answered questions are saved
  • Emails are extracted
  • Member becomes lead
Step 3

Keep all the answers

Use automation tools or serialize the data into CSV file.

  • Export as CSV
  • Export to Google Docs coming soon
  • Connect with email campaigns tools Mailchimp, more coming soon

Convinient Pricing

Choose the right pricing for you and get started with your project.



The perfect way to get started and get used to our tools.

  • Up to 3 members daily

  • Up to 1 group

  • CSV imports

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/ month

The perfect way to get started and get used to our tools.

  • Up to 10 members daily

  • Up to 3 groups

  • CSV export

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/ month

The perfect way to get started and get used to our tools.

  • Unlimited members

  • Unlimited groups

  • CSV exports

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